Tri-state K9 service specializes in professional dog training for all uses.

Professional Service dog trained by Tri-state K9 Service

Basic K9 Training Overview

Private Lessons

Private lessons have many advantages. One on one, you and your dog learn together. Behavior problems are addressed and dogs are started with learning "basic manners training". From there, dogs are furthered into a more formal obedience mode. Every step has been designed for the success of every student enrolled in our private lessons. Each lesson is scheduled once per week and each student is required to practice his/her "homework" each day between scheduled lessons. Puppies as young as eight weeks. of age are started in private lessons. Lessons generally run between 35-60 minutes on average. The average number of lessons differs with breed, age, & dedication of the owner.

In-Home Private Lessons

For people who prefer not to drive, cannot drive or prefers the training to be more tailored to their home environment, we offer in-home private lessons. In-home private lessons work much the same as the private lessons done at the kennel. Some dogs display certain problems in the home but not else where, that's where these lessons can be beneficial. Dogs must be 8 months old or older and price depends upon your location.

In-Kennel Training

In-kennel training is for those who do not have the time or patience to train the basic commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come on leash. We teach the basic foundation exercises for the first 3 weeks. After that time, you pick up your dog for the weekend and then bring him back for one last week of training. You tell us your dog's weak points, and we'll concentrate in that area.

Each time you come to pick up your dog, a private lesson will be given after we demonstrate what your dog has learned. (the first private lesson is done after the 3rd week and the second, when you pick up your dog from the last week) You will receive a demonstrating of your dogs abilities and the basic exercises. This is good review for you, when returning home with your dog.

Maintenance training must follow as your dog returns home, so old habits do not reoccur. Dogs must be evaluated before they can be enrolled. Minimum age is eight months. Two to eight week programs depending on your needs.

Police K-9 & Service Dog Training

Police training exercise utilizing K9 for Scent Detection

Tri State K-9 Kennels offers a full range obedience classes. These classes offer dog owners the opportunity to work with their dogs in an environment with a high level of distractions. These classes teach your dog heal, sit, down, stay, and coming when called. In English or German.

Concentrating on the training and conditioning of Explosives Detection Dogs (EDDs) narcotic detection dogs, and Tactical K9, we are proud to be able to offer our expansive resources in order to produce the most competent Bomb Detection Dogs, their Handlers, Tactical K9 Teams, and the associated training programs, which are virtually unobtainable from any other source.

With the purchase form Tri-State K-9 Services, you receive more than just a canine. Upon completion of our handlers courses, the handler and dog comprise a Team that is a very viable tool.

Operating from an extensive, compiled history of Explosives, Narcotic and Protection. Tri-State K9 Services uses each complimenting the other to provide real world training, instruction, and certifications.

Through our Tactical K9 Training Courses, participants receive the benefit of our collective history and experience that has been compiled into a comprehensive handler's course for the Tactical K9 School. Your Tactical K9 Team's course can often be tailored to your environment or deployment scenarios, affording the Team with the most applicable training in K9 Deployment Tactics, K9 Tactical Entry, and Tactical Criminal Apprehension.

As a result, your K9 Team becomes a highly deployable tool in conjunction with your S.W.A.T, SRT, SORT, HRT, or other Entry Team operations.

Police dog conducting a search

Handlers Course Coverage:

  1. One on One Handlers Classes
  2. Detection Training Narcotics or Bomb
  3. Apprehension
  4. Handler Protection
  5. Tracking - Area Search, & Building searches
  6. Obedience - Up keep Training & Maintenance
  7. Case Law
  8. Record Keeping
  9. Safety
  10. Certified Handlers course

All handlers courses are customized to fit each departments needs and wants. Read our Guarantee

Search & Rescue, Service, Mobility Assistance, Drug dogs, Bomb Dogs, Cadaver dogs, and Cell phones. If you need it we can train it.